Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Holiday Ideas

Kiddie Crafts
Santa Belt Napkin Ring
Cardboard tube
1 sheet each of red, white, and black felt
Gold chenille stem
White craft glue

                                  Paper Bag Reindeer
Brown paper lunch bag
Medium black pom-pom
Construction paper:
4 jungle bells
Red plastic milk jug lid, Glue stick, Gold paint pen

Photo Wreath
Using wood glue, affix miniature wooden clothespins to a large (about 14”diameter) embroidery hoop. Alternate clothespins to point outward and inward, spaced 1.5 inches apart. Suspend from a ribbon, and clip your cards in place as you receive them. 


Gilded Magazine Trees
Watch the video tutorial. It’s very simple but time consuming. But worth it as the end result is modern and lovely.


Homemade Gifts
Chocolate Dipped Spoons

Basically, melt chocolate, dip spoons, decorate, and let cool on wax paper. Package in cellophane and attach to a festive mug with your favorite instant cocoa mix for a fun gift.


Hot Chocolate on a Stick
This is a much richer, fancier version of the dipped spoon and does not require anything other than a cup of hot milk. There are detailed instructions and several variations. 

Decorative Decal Pillar Candles

There are 10 free printables for the decals with matching clip art designs for the matchbox covers. Directions are fairly simple and the results are gorgeous. What a fun gift idea.


Paper Dreidel Game

 Print the template on cardstock. Cut and glue it to form a box. Use a pencil or wooden dowel for the spinner. Follow the game instructions and have fun with the kids.

Hanukkah Activity Book

Simply print out the pages and let your kids enjoy learning more about Hanukkah while having fun. Includes connect the dots, maze, coloring, matching.

Hanukkah Wreath

Wire coat hanger
14 to 16 tp rolls
Winter color paint white paper (or craft foam, gift wrap or tinfoil)
Tape, glue, scissors


Hanukkah Window Stars

 Vellum, in gold or blue,
Micro-hole punch (for small star)
Needle and thread 
Screw punch (for large star)

Candlelit Branch and Ribbon Star of David

Celebrate the Festival of Lights with this manzanita-branch menorah, sprayed shimmering silver and trimmed with candles. Ribbon Star of David

Star-Punched Paper Hurricanes

Decorative paper
Hurricane vase
Large sponge
Awl, T pin, or thumbtack
Japanese hole punch
Double-sided tape 


Gumdrop Pops
Wrap the candy pops in cellophane bags, and then attach them to gifts or slip them into stockings. Or create a holiday display: Partially fill a large glass jar with sanding sugar, and stand the figurines on flower frogs in the sparkling "snow." 

Candy Trees
Use chocolate candy for the base. Wrap green chenille around a pencil or your finger. Attach to the base. Make a paper star for the top. Cute place setting decorations.


Easy Holiday Treats from Oriental
Trading Co.
Check out these adorable treats your kids will love to make and eat.

Healthier Holiday Treats

Elf or Reindeer Sanwiches, Apple Ornament Snacks, and more fun, easy-to-make food for your little ones.           

Kiwi Christmas tree with tomato star and skewer trunk.

Snap pea Christmas tree with cheese star and pretzel trunk.

Edible Menorah

Paper Plate
Plastic Knife
Foods from your Refrigerator
Candles Sticks: Pretzels, Marshmallows stacked, carrots, cold cuts rolled, noodles, pickle slices
Flames: Raisins, Orange Pieces, Sprinkles, Strawberries, Licorice, Grapes, Pepperoni
Menorah: Bananas but in half length wise, Bread, Matza, Pizza Crust,
Edible Glue: Peanut Butter, Cream Cheese Ketchup, Mustard, Icing, Honey, Yogurt

Chocolate Marshmallow Dreidel
12 chocolate kisses
8 oz.  melted semisweet chocolate
12 marshmallows
12 thin pretzel sticks
2 oz.  melted white chocolate
Dip bottom of kiss in melted semisweet chocolate. Press onto marshmallow; transfer to a  Refrigerate for 10 minutes on parchment-lined baking sheet. Insert 1 thin pretzel stick. Dip dreidels in chocolate,. Refrigerate until set, about 15 minutes.
Fill a resealable plastic bag with melted white chocolate; snip  corner, and pipe Hebrew letters onto 3 sides of each dreidel. Refrigerate at least 5 minutes or up to 8 hours before serving.



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